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Trending Tuesdays: Starbucks Wireless Access & Quip to Create a Document vs. the Office

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Trending Tuesdays is where I pick a trending story to bring to your attention that I find relative and give you my Mommy Blogger thoughts!

Wireless Access & Creating Documents: Who needs an office?
This weeks trending story is from The Washington Post article: 
Article Synopsis
The idea of doing away with the ordinary office space in exchange for much higher speed internet connections and charging stations at your local Starbucks and Google also benefiting from Quip, a service allowing you to create documents and share real time with friends/co-workers right from any device. 
Why do we go to the office? We clock in, interact, get assignments, listen to gossip, gossip about the gossip, take many breaks and ignore our work. Our employers are to provide a break room, bathroom, supplies, connectivity and that costs money! Why not do what you do and work from home? I know there are certain tasks that would be impossible to do from home, but many jobs can benefit! It is a win-win. Employees can avoid daycare costs, be home when the kids get home so homework isn’t started at dinnertime and take all the hours we would use socializing at the office to stop and fold a load of towels or preheat that oven for dinner. Many would be more efficient while other’s may take too much advantage but the world of internet has the means to measure productivity! 
Imagine sitting at Starbucks where the internet connection speed, if they were to indeed partner with Google, could be 10 times faster than what AT&T provides there now. Then you log onto Quip to create your documents and spreadsheets where they are instantly available to your managers and work and you never demanded a desk or supplies from your employer to do that! Heck, you can upload, create and spreadsheet from your iPhone on your couch! Granted the ergonomics of that could not be good for your posture just as slouching in an office chair is not also. I think it is about time Employers partner with the greater power of Technology and better our family life to produce a productivity much better than I’m sure is created when employers are struggiling to lead dual lives between office and home.
Yes? No? How do you see this becoming a reality for many companies?

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