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Trending Tuesdays: Pinterest announces its Place Pins to share locations

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Pinterest has announced its 4th ad feature of the year!
Pinterest Place Pins
Place Pins can be turned on in a new board or in edit mode of an existing board. It uses a Google search to map pins. Although not entirely perfected yet as I searched for some not-so-well-known spots and they did not come up, it still offers a new concept that they hope can be a new tool for travelers.
You may be on vacation in Las Vegas and start pinning great food and sights. Adding the location on Pin Place can tell your followers about the item as well as its location. Share your boards with someone you know is also going to visit that same location and they can easily find your recommended spots. I think this is great. I already utilize recipe add ons and can be in a grocery store and pull my board up quickly to get my ingredients. Now with Place Pins, I could locate someones board and easily find directions to that spot I saw pinned and use it in my travel stops.

A snapshot from my recipe board to show the Place Pins in action
What do you think? Would you use the Pinterest Place Pins for traveling? Would you use them to share your travel adventures?
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