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Trending Tuesdays: Kleenex Can Tell You The Flu Report In Your Area

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Kleenex has announced its site that will be live next week. This site uses information from the Centers of Disease Control to organize by zip code what the Cold & Flu forecast is in your area. It will list the top cities affected by the cold or flu as well as its TV ads that began last week to promote the consequences of not having a Kleenex handy in some light-hearted ways.

This is tested to be 90% accurate and with viable data, it is a great way to check in on the cold & flu forecast. The Flu is not your friend and so many young, elderly and sick are very vulnerable to the worst effects of the flu. The most serious being death!

Every year many companies hammer hard the importance of cold & flu protection and Kleenex has taken it a step forward by giving us a tool an the availability of our social networks will allow us to share and keep the topic open.

Do you think this is a site you will frequent this flu season?

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