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Trending Tuesday: Soup from a K-Cup?

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The Keurig K-Cup craze is Hot! We are in the midst of the new Ice Coffee K-Cups and major retailers have jumped on this K-Cup bandwagon. Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Newman’s Own and other companies have products to help give you the morning (or afternoon, evening) dose of pleasure! Swiss also has K-Cups hot chocolate as does Starbucks. Green Mountain Coffee has the Iced Coffee variety which I just purchased myself and they are great!

New K-Cup Soup
Now enter K-Cup soup! Why not? I actually like this idea. Seems simple and Campbell’s has always been innovative enough to conform and it looks like that is exactly  what they are hoping to accomplish by partnering with Green Mountain Coffee Company for this new product. For instance, my Mom has a brewer in her classroom and she can get soup without leaving her portables to head to the kitchen which helps her out. I know-we do have stove’s for a reason, but we are a mobile society and creatures of convenient habits and when you are away from a stove or a microwave is too bulky for your office space, you now have the convenience of one small appliance that can get you coffee and lunch together! It works!
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