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Treat yourself at the end of a long day with mike’s hard pink lemonade and support a cause #mymikesmoment

I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf ofMom Central Consulting for mike’s hard lemonade. I received a Circle K gift card to facilitate this review and a promotional item to thank me for participating

As a parenting blogger and healthy living promoter, I am also a Mom and a real 30-something that likes to unwind and socialize for a fun evening. I don’t get many breaks as a Mom to boys, PTA president, Wife and substitute paraeducator so if I can get a break and do an adult function I am all over that! If I am not at home with kids, I am volunteering and working with kids and for those who are thinking “…why are you promoting alcohol”, it is because I am human and no matter how I may unwind or visit with adults when I have the chance, I love to support brands with a cause. In fact, do you see my labels above? Brands with a  cause is a focus i love bringing to my readers attention. mike’s hard lemonade (the HARD pink lemonade to be exact) allows you to have that adult time you crave and you are supporting a great cause at the same time!
When I unwind with adults, I do not like beer as a beverage. I am slo not the biggest wine fan. I like fruity and flavored drinks. I also like beverages made with real ingredients as much as possible and because mike’s hard lemonades are made with the entire REAL fruit, I know I am getting a crisp flavor I can enjoy. The pink lemonade is my favorite and I can’t wait to see it in stores such as local Circle K’s every year. I feel good buying a brand I know is using its proceeds for a good cause. It makes a great statement walking into a celebration or get-together with the pink ribbon product on my beverage.
mike’s hard lemonade is celebrating 15 years and what a great way to celebrate by giving back and doing some good. In the hard lemonades, real lemons are used along with their juice and zest so you are sure to get a refreshing taste. In particular, the mike’s hard pink lemonade variety is a limited edition that goes away sometime this month! You can find it again next year as every year, this flavor comes out for a limited time to allow support for Breast Cancer Awareness. 
Circle K would like you to be aware of this mike’s hard lemonade limited edition breast cancer support flavor and reminds you to stop in and buy some adult-time beverages while doing good at the same time. 
Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.

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