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Treat your body to the Silk Duvet Cover by NovosBed #HolidayGiftGuide

This is a promotional post for NovosBed

How is your wish list coming? If you have kids theirs is a mile long and perhaps yours is a bit blank. If you are like me there are so many things you would love to get, but when asked not one thing comes to mind! As I think about my wishes, I think comfort. Comfort in the kitchen and comfort as I sleep. As a Mom of boys, substitute for the school district food service and paraeducator, PTA president and Blogger, I need my sleep. However, I am a horrible sleeper! This is why I have learned that to make some changes with my bedding, it makes all the difference in the world. A pillow just right for you, a mattress with the right firmness and a comforter that does not leave you sweating at night will give you a much better sleep than those items you picked up on clearance that really are not you! NovosBed wants you to get the best sleep you can and deserve and I have an all new sleep comfort level with our Silk Duvet.
Benefits of Sleeping under Mulberry Silk
Above is the King size Silk Duvet on our Queen size bed. I always buy comforters the next size up so there is plenty of coverage as we toss in our sleep. We don’t have blanket-hogging issues this way. Besides it just looking clean and fresh with its white color, it is the perfect thickness. I have yet to get too hot under this duvet and yet I am not too cold either. Because silk is a natural insulator, it can be made in this light weight material and still help keep your body temperature regulated as you sleep. Silk is also hypo-allergenic so it works great if you are allergic to feathers and down comforters. My husband has feather allergies and he has no issues and we’ve been using our comforter a few months now. Silk also has natural moisture wicking properties so you stay dry as you sleep. The Mulberry silk fibers also naturally repel dust mites and bugs due to its moisture wick properties. These critters love moisture and they won’t find a habitat in Mulberry Silk comforters!
  • 100% cotton 300 thread count
  • Compatible with standard size duvet covers
  • Quilted so silk filling does not shift
  • Filled with 100% Mulberry Silk
  • Smooth, soft texture and one of the strongest natural fibers
  • Ships free to North America
Treat your bed and your body to a better sleep in this comfortable Silk Duvet! Make it your wish list item! You deserve it!

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Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was provided the above product. All opinions are 100% my own

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