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Travel the world through Hands-on-Prints and Giveaway

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Hands-on-Prints books. I received books to facilitate my review.

As a Mom to a first grade son, I find that the subjects that are covered at his grade level the least are the one’s he is most intrigued by. First grade is mostly reading, writing and Math and an occasional science focus, but he loves learning about people and places. Of all the Christmas toys and games he got this year, my sister’s gift of a large canvas USA map has been used to help him find places he asks about and decipher between territories and towns. I have to supplement geography and history at home. It is fun to teach them these subjects at this age-we visited the King Tut exhibit last year when it came to Seattle and he was so intrigued and he has come home on library days to books about China and Travel. For a child this age, they really can understand distance and space a bit more than he could of even this time last year and I wish there was rom to insert these subjects into his class time. For now, I have some new fun materials we have loved reading through-the Hands-on-Prints!
It was hard to choose what to read first, so I was able to break down each book for my son. There are lessons of geometry and space using art and architecture around the world and books that use letters and travel to teach traditions and culture. So there are two books my son was immediately drawn to-Around the World from A to Z and Do I Have To? What If I Don’t Want To. I think the fun cover of the first book and the interactive pages of the second book is what he was drawn to.
Around the World from A to Z

This book takes you through each letter of the alphabet page-by-page. On the left page is the letter-written in a way meant to be traced by finger or reference to relate that letter to a poem and picture. On the right side is an illustration related to a poem referencing a physical activity or famous site that starts with that letter. The tracing will help connect them to the discovery of the world.

Do I have To? What If I Don’t Want To
This is an engaging book that has less to do with travel and more to do with emotions and exploring the world of adult versus child. There are fold out guides and flaps to open and discover in the book. This book teaches self-awareness skills and support healthy emotional expression. I think as my son nears the end of first grade this is still a great read, but I would have loved to introduce this to him in kindergarten. Children learn options to handling situations when emotions are high and adults are reminded of listening skills that will help bring a a child back into his or her harmony and level of calm.
About the Author

Christina Cheung has a Masters in Early Childhood Education and has proudly established a Montessori school that focuses on celebrating differences in personality, learning style and cultural backgrounds. The 5 books of hers offer a simple way of learning about the world and offer visually appealing elements that that help them learn. She aims to touch on the child’s sense of discovery, engaging them in a way that broadens consciousness, encourages mindfulness through her books.
The Giveaway
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