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Travel and sleep better this summer with the Dreampad

This is a promotional post for Dreampad. I was sent product and all opinions are 100% my own

Summer Fun Guide Feature
Dreampad: soothing music only you hear from your pillow
When it comes to settling in for the night at bedtime, we all have our habits. My husband and I sleep to the white noise of a fan and so do our 2 youngest boys at home. My youngest also needs his music. He is 6 and normally I can play his tablet music player through the bluetooth speaker in his room and he falls asleep to that and we can’t hear it from downstairs. However there are times his music is heard by us and it is not the most soothing sound to us. There are times we go to bed at the same time and with our room across the hall we hear it and when we travel and stay in hotels and tents we also fight to talk him out of needing his music. I began wondering how we can compromise as we just bought a toy hauler and plan on doing a lot of camping this summer. I also began to understand that playing music through his speaker is not giving him the best relaxation. Then I was contacted by a genius solution to try a product called Dreampad.
The Dreampad Pillow
The Dreampad works great for anyone and replaces your worn out pillow! It is a very comfortable pillow with Intrasound Technology™. You are the only one that can hear the music which is delivered by vibration and sound when your head is on the pillow. No need for headphones. You get the Dreampad pillow with the technology built inside that is from iLs (Integrated Learning Systems). This is the standard pillow size. Learn more: Dreampad (Standard Pillow)
The Dreampad Mini
The Dreampad Mini has the same technology of the original Dreampad only the mini can be inserted with your regular pillow or laid on top. I use this one for my son as it is portable for travel and hotel rooms and the toy hauler. You can also order fitted pillow cases for this model as well. I recommend it although the shells of these pillows are machine washable. The mini has a zipper pouch so the phone or device can be inserted and protected so no slipping at night. Learn more: Dreampad Mini
With your Dreampad purchse you get the pillow of choice with the built in iLS technology. Simply download the free Dreampad app to your device and you get the music access that works with the pillow. There are 5 music programs to choose from: Moonrise, Harmonic Continuum, Tranquil Landscapes, Seaside Strings and Classical. I love the Moonrise and my son loves Classical.
The Intrasound technology takes advantage of the natural conductive quality of our human bodies. You get frequencies delivered through vibrations for a deeper and more sensory-based level of  calm and relaxation over what a speaker can provide. A speaker is sound through air and Intrasound is sound through bone and body. Much research is being done on this technology that could benefit many who suffer from stress-related insomnia, trauma, veterans with PTSD, children with ADHD and ASD.
A note about the research behind the Dreampad:
“Our preliminary data shows that the Dreampad stimulates our body’s relaxation response, which allows us to let go of stress and fall asleep. Along with the decrease in sleep-related problems comes improvement with daytime performance, including physical, emotional, social and executive functioning. Studies to date have included children and adults, with both groups seeing equal benefit.”
Visit to learn more and get your pillow for a more relaxed and peaceful sleep! Also find accessories and other products that will pair well like pillow cases and carry cases and much more!
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