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Toy Buying Guide and 5 Tips to Consider

Whether it is for Christmas, donations, a kids birthday invite or relatives celebration it can be hard to decide the right gift when buying toys for kids of other families. You can always put an ask out, but that always ends up with a general answer and you still remain clueless. There are toys that have a lot of pieces and would it be too advanced or toys that are loud and would their parents be highly unappreciative. Their are lists of top toys of the year available and if you’re lucky you can locate one, but what if you can’t?

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I have reached out to a few experts who share some toy buying tips for you:

1.Sandra Magura of Simply Pinspired and Author of HippoDuck says:

We take the kids to local toy stores and toy areas and when they see things they like/want we put them on the amazon list. We then share our lists with our family and they can purchase what they want. That way we don’t get doubles, they don’t get things that are

2. Stevanne Auerback a.k.a. Dr Toy’s FREE printable List of Questions to Consider When Toy Buying <<click HERE>>

3. To see an Age-by-Age Toy Buying Guide from Genius of Play <<Click Here>> 

4. Tanya Mitchell of Learning RX on choosing toys for children with learning struggles:

Look for toys that build cognitive skills, the foundational tools that help us think, learn, read and remember,” advises Tanya Mitchell, VP of Research & Development for LearningRx (, the world’s largest one-on-one brain training company. “For example, the game Simon, which uses tones and lights to create a pattern, builds visual processing, short-term memory, attention and processing speed. Battleship requires logic & reasoning, working memory, planning and problem solving. If you have a grandchild with attention struggles, look for toys that work on attention. If your nephew struggles with math, look for toys that develop mental math, numerical concepts and math computations. We have a free three-page Games for Skills chart of well-known games, which can be downloaded at to help determine which toys might work best for particular skill building.

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My list of favorite toys by age (contains affiliate links):

Baby: VTech Drop and Go Dump Truck

Toddler: Little Tikes Bath Drums

Preschool: Alex Jr. Tots Art Start

Elementary: Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

Tween: Poop Emoji Plush Pillow

Teen: Holy Stone Drone with Live WiFi Camera

College Student: Hot Water Electric Kettle

Tell me, what are your children asking for the Holidays? What are there ages?

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