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Touch Up Your Car Imperfections with Chipex #Giveaway

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Welcome to the Chipex Feature and Giveaway!

Last week my Chipex arrived and I was heartbroken. It came after I traded my car in. It was a last minute decision to trade in my taffeta white CRV and take advantage of the new 2016 finance offer we came across so I went on the hunt for someone I know with a Honda in taffeta white and found someone who had that color on a civic and went to work on those chips in her paint. There are 3 steps to the repair process and on the first spot which was the bumper, the tasks were only daunting in making sure you are doing each step correctly. However once you get through the first repair it becomes addicting as you want to fix all blemishes. She continued all around the civic catching all the rock chips and other blemishes. It blends so well you want to just keep finding spots to repair.


This was the bumper fix. Just look at the difference! Now do you see why you become so fixated in finding every spot you can to rub in and polish out? Below is a door repair and hood repair. We got the same great results.



The Chipex Steps are as follows (simply put):

  1. Apply the paint with gloved hands or included brush. Allow to dry 40 seconds to 5 minutes depending on area size and paint amount used.
  2. Apply a small amount of blending solution to the included cloth and gently run across area, removing excess paint. Let dry a few minutes.
  3. Apply a small amount of finishing polish to the included  microfiber cloth and run over treated area. Let dry to a haze for a few moments then remove with the same cloth

Chipex Screenwash

Now Chipex not only has these chip repair kits you can buy in any size and easily find you car’s paint color to get the right shade, but they have more. I also have the Screenwash. This solution goes right into your windshield wiper reservoir and does wonders on your windshield for the rain and freezing temperatures. The Screenwash repels rain from the screen, delivers clear vision in any weather, anti-freeze to -5 degrees and tips on lowering that freezing point are included and it removes smears.


Since my car is only days old and under 50 miles, my reservoir is full right now. So, my husband stole it for his car. You simply add about 1/4 of bottle on first fill and less on the subsequent fills. There is even a window guide with markers so you add just the right amount each fill. Because this is our first fill, we filled until bottom of the first line as shown below. This only costs you $19.99 and will last for about 7 fills. That is a great value. Make sure you get your bottle for the rain and snow hit.

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1 lucky reader will win a Chipex Car Paint Repair System.  Open to US, Canada and Europe only and ends on 11/3/2016. Enter below. Good luck.


Win a Chipex Bundle #8

Giveaway and widget created by FlyBy Promotions for Chipex. Winner will be drawn by sponsor.

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Harry Page

Our 2015 Subaru Impreza got dinged.