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Top-Rated Muv Arm Band for iPhone6 #MuvUSA

This is a promotional post for MuvUSA Muv ProBand

You have the new iPhone 6, but do you have a functional armband for it yet. I just got my new iPhone 6 and as I was switching over, I knew one of the first things I needed was a new arm band. I never head to the gym without one. I can plug in and watch TV screens at my gym on the bike or ellipticals but not for the machines. After I do cardio, I grab water and my arm band and head to the machines. I then sit and plug in my headphones, wrap it around my arm and start my playlist. I need music when I work out as it is what keeps me going and motivated and the music they play through the gym speakers is not typically my style.

I loved the arm band I had for my iPhone 5, but I wished it had a better velcro build. It didn’t take long for the velcro to begin its wear process. When I was sent the Muv ProBand Arm Band for my iPhone 6,  I could tell right away that the stitching and overall quality of the band is what I was looking for. The brand actually takes pride in the quality of its designed to perform and last.

Muv ProBand Arm Band is made with superior velcro so it stays intact and does not wear. When the velcro wears, you run the risk of the armband slipping off your arm especially in intense workouts and this band was built to not cause that conflict. It is made with a super soft neoprene so you get comfort and no arm marks or irritation while wearing it. Not only is it sweat proof but also water proof so your phone is safe in all elements while running or working out outdoors. It also has reflective material to help add safety to darker environments or later times of day.

The openings for your key and headphone jack are sewn with quality and no tearing is likely occur. It also has a sensitive screen sleeve so you can change channels and navigate your phone screen easily.

You can get yourself this top-rated arm band for your iPhone 6 at Amazon

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