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Top 2 free online study sites & Apps for your student

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Are you ready for the heavy homework loads? Are you confident you can tackle those crazy algebra questions or know the exact dates of every war as you help your child prepare for tests and projects? If you answered YES to any of those, I am sending you a 16 year old child of mine so you can help in his 11th grade year for me! Actually, I do feel confident! Not the confidence that I retained those detailed facts from my school days, but confidence that our son will have the help he needs for his subjects from online resources. This is because I have discovered Study Mode. Once at the site, you can get the link to and vice versa. It is two sites in one! What does each site provide? Flashcards

In Cram mode, you can create flashcards as you study! I have taught my older boys that flash cards are one of the most effective study tools you can use. You are reading the material, then writing it down, then visually using the card in a repetitive way to memorize the information. By seeing, writing and visualizing the material, it is easy to retain. Why not have a handy pen and notecards at your side anymore? Because Cram goes with you wherever you are. You create your flashcards and review them on the home computer or on your device. I can see my son stuck at a boring event and he can at least pass time on his phone scanning those flashcards for that big test about to happen. If your child is allowed open notes on a test, this can work out great for them!
Study Mode: Help for all grade levels and subjects

The mission of Study Mode is to inspire better grades. You can find research help, book notes. AP notes and more here. You get example essays on so many topics and research documents and notes to inspire their writing. Study Mode has an easy-to-use citation generator that will help you create that bibliography! Learn from students your age and subject level from basic English to top level history and business subjects.
Between the study guides and aids that these two sites have together, these are truly the best 2 and FREE school aid sites and apps your student will need!

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