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My Best Tooth Fairy Friend Box Set #HolidayGift Guide

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Holiday Gift Guide Feature: My BTFF Box Set

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Even as an adult, perhaps you still have that image of who you thought your Tooth Fairy looked like? You relied on that fairy every missing tooth to come through with a fun prize. My son is 8 and still writes notes and expects a token. This is why kits like the My BTFF  is always a great gift idea.

tooth fairy set


  • Handmade doll
  • Beautifully illustrated story book about how a tooth fairy becomes your Best Tooth Fairy Friend
  • 10 leave-behind poems
  • Stickers
  • 1 tooth vessel

tooth fairy book set

You start by reading the story about how the Tooth Fairy comes to be your child’s best friend. It will touch on the tasks to go through from loose tooth to tooth out. The doll stays with your child at the first sign of a loose tooth. Once the tooth is out, put it in the vessel and leave for their BTFF to take with her that night.

tooth fairy book

Take the Tooth Fairy and tooth and leave a card and sticker (and other token item you wish). They will wake up with a card from their BTFF and that fun sticker to celebrate. Their imaginations will be consumed with fairies and fairy lands.

tooth fairy cards

Great for families and children about to reach the loose tooth age. You can find the kit on Amazon.

The Giveaway

1 lucky reader will win the My BTFF Kit. Enter below. Open to US and ends on 12/5. Good luck

tooth fairy giveaway

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Amber Ludwig

I love that it was created by a parent for her child!! You know so much love was put into it!!

Dotty J Boucher

I really like what this does for your child and its so nice that they will have this for a long time even after there tooth is gone.

Lula Ruger

With the help of motivated parents, My BTFF shows up on the first day that a kid’s tooth comes loose, and she stays with the child until the tooth comes out.


The illustrated book intrigues me! 🙂


I really like that it’s Inspired by that never-ending tradition,