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Tom’s Wicked Cool Kids Natural Toothpaste #Review

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As a proud member of Smiley360, I was sent some kids toothpaste samples from Tom’s of Maine. What I love about Tom’s is it is all natural and now they have toothpaste for kids! My son loves the Wicked Cool mild mint flavor! 
I use natural products as much as possible. These days it is unnecessary to add so much additives and chemicals to get the same effect as natural ingredients. The hardest part is affordability. Ironic how chemicals and additives can cost so much less than obtaining real ingredients?! Tom’s makes their products very affordable and I see there manufacturer coupons frequently enough so I stock up when I can!
You can follow Tom’s on Facebook to stay updated on new and promotional products!
I was sent product samples and chose to post a review to share for my Smiley360 share points.

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3 thoughts on “Tom’s Wicked Cool Kids Natural Toothpaste #Review”

  1. We love Tom's of Maine!! My daughter has only used the Strawberry toothpaste up until now, but I will have to get her some of the Wicked Cool to try!

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