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Tips on how to use eMeals to save on your Grocery Bill

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I recently was given a membership to eMeals and thought : “Why Not, maybe it can be a program I will stick with?” I now see myself becoming addicted to using it. My resolution this year is to save money. My husband & I began a New budget. In the past our budget was to pay off small debts. We accomplished that last year and have prevented ourselves from accruing new debt, but we have been spending the extra money like crazy and not saving. It is now time to budget and save! I have now incorporated eMeals into our new budget plan and here is how……

  • For about $7 or less a Month, you get a meal plan at a store of your choice and they have a great list of Grocers. 
  • Every week you are emailed a new Meal Plan
  • That new meal plan uses the weeks circular to guide in menu plans so you can shop for items that your store is offering at a low price. From Ad to meals!
  • You can choose plans to subscribe: Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner and can change your store  Monthly for free.
  • You can choose types of Meals: Classic, Vegetarian, Low Fat, Gluten Free,etc….
  • You can choose Family size so you have menus that fir your portion needs
  • The bottom of the plan is your shopping list with all ingredients listed and the # of meals each ingredient will be needed for.
  • You cross out items you already have at home and are left with ONLY what you need to complete your meal plan for the week.
  • Many plans also incorporate using larger portion one night and then a recipe for the left overs a different night to save you even more!
I take the Menu plan, circle the 5 meals I do want, leaving 1-2 days out for nights we may go out or I use meal items I already have PLUS I allow one night a week for what we call Fend Night! I cross off items I have, make a list of items I need, search my Couponizer for coupons on those items. Do a quick scan of all my circulars-the smaller Grocers in my area and make sure my items are not even cheaper elsewhere. Then I  list other items we need: Milk, Bread, Drinks, Snacks, etc.. and estimate my costs.

My original list was budgeted out to $100. Allotting so much I will spend on Drinks/Snacks for the week so I don’t go overboard. I did it with $102.86. Not bad and that is between QFC & Safeway combined. I have easily spent close to $6-$70 average at each store each week just grabbing and trying to coupon shop instead of list shop! On top of it, I went to my iBotta App and had some items on there I had bought at Safeway, scanned my receipt with my phone and the next morning had the alert that there is now $1.75 in my iBotta account to move to Paypal. So technically my Grocery bill for the week comes out to $101.11!

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  1. Oh how cool is that. I have to give this a try for real. Oh and have you tried endorse? It gives money back on items you buy like coffee, gas, diapers, certain cereals, fruit snacks and stuff like that.

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