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Tips from ABC Favors in Planning a Baby Shower

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Baby shower planning does not need to be an exhausting affair for the planners and the participants. In order pull off a smooth shower, it may be necessary to create a planning list to ensure that those who are in charge do not get overwhelmed by all the responsibilities. 

The first thing to do is decide who is organizing the shower. If it is a group of a few friends or family members, it is much easier to delegate the chores. There should be one person in charge of the overall delegation and party planning. There should be people who are responsible for errands, food and clean up. It should be decided whether the party will hosted at an individual’s house or at a banquet hall. It should be decided if this will be a catered party or a potluck party. 

Planning 10 to 12 weeks in advance will help the party go smoothly. The organizers should meet and decide the guest list, the reservations or arrangements, the menu, the party favors, the cake, the games, the decorations and any other particulars for this party. The further out the party is planned, the better prepared they can be for an emergency. 

Make sure that all the party favors have tags like those that can be found at baby shower favor tags at Abc Favors. The party games should all be prepared in advance, as well as any of the gifts that will be given to the participants. A well planned party will be a successful party. 

Shopping Guides
  • Food: If you time a shower at the right times, you can help the budget by not serving a meal. Have a shower from 10-12 or 2-4 and avoid serving lunch or dinner. Some appetizers and drinks will suffice! Make it a potluck with a theme (have guests bring an item pink or blue or color of nursery,etc…)
  • Decorations: By now, you know the nursery theme and may (or may not) know the gender! Use this as a guide. Many new parents my have multiple showers so pass on your decor if they have others to offer the next party planners. It is a sweet gesture and makes new Mom feel good to help by presenting donated decor.
  • Games: many can be done with creativity, paper and pencils so no purchasing may be necessary! Doing a door prize…just buy some (theme color) candies, out in a jar and guess the amount. Fun and cheap! On the invitations, ask guests to bring a Thank you card already addressed for the New Mom! She will appreciate it when she sits down to send out Thank You’s by saving time not tracking down and addressing envelopes along with having to purchase cards of her own!
  • Favors: Making crafts is fun, but time consuming and often I find by the time I shop for items needed, I could have just purchased some items and added a feature to them for more personalization for the same price.  

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions remain my own.

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6 thoughts on “Tips from ABC Favors in Planning a Baby Shower”

  1. I love the tips about planning a shower around meal times! When my mother-in-law through my baby shower, I know that the food cost her a ton of money because it was lunch for a lot of people! The worst part though was that she bought too much food, so not only did she spend a lot of money but we had lasagna for lunch & dinner for three days straight lol!!

  2. These are all good tips, especially the one for food. Food costs, preparation, clean-up etc. can be taxing, especially if it's a big baby shower!

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