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Tips for new dog owners to keep your home neat

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Keeping your home neat with a new pet

Did you and your family welcome home a new pet over the holidays? The Holidays and other celebrations are popular times to acquire a new pet as they tend to make the best of gifts. Bringing home a new dog or cat can not only be a time of transition for your family and the new fur friend, but also for your home. There may be puppy or kitten potty training mishaps that test your carpet or broken pots or decor that get knocked over in playtime excitement. Being prepared takes a few steps including patience as you just learn to expect these things will happen and having some supplies on hand to help with the most effective clean up.

This is two-fold because I am not just talking about your new pet’s toys, but also your children’s toys. When bringing a pet home it is your responsibility to provide them with a safe place to grow, play and discover. They will do a lot of discovering their first few days in their new home. Set rules with the kids and take a day to organize the kids most precious toys that could cause meltdowns if chewed by the new pet as well as small toys that could be swallowed on accident and cause harm. Legos, stuffed animals, foam balls are a lot of fun for a dog to chew on but can cause harm and by harm I am also referring to a vet bill!
Give your new pet his/her OWN play area. Keep a a basket near his bedding. This basket has stuffies, kongs and hard bones that are for your pet. If you keep the basket near their bed and away from playrooms and bedrooms, they can learn what is an OK chew toy and what is off limits in time.

If you have a new pet in the home, be prepared for messes. It can be stressful when puppy or kitten mess a carpet while potty training or eat that plant you have had for years. If you expect it, it does not lead to your overreacting. If you don’t want it touched, put it up. If you don’t want potty messes to keep occurring you have to set a potty schedule and stick to it! 
Make sure you have carpet sprays, odor eliminator sprays, plenty of absorbent paper towels, hardwood floor cleaners and a hand vac to help collect harmful shards of glass or product after a spill. The quicker you get to a stain or smell, the easier it is to combat. 
The Neater Feeder

The Neater Feeder dog system

You will be reaching for that food a few times a day so keep it sealed well if you store it out of the home so rodents cannot feel invited and even inside the home, set your new pet up for their own feeding station. Don’t want a begger? Only food that you want to treat them to can be given from the bowl. Dropping new puppy table scraps while eating at the dinner table or from the sofa will create a begger if they learn they can be fed at anytime from anyone. Table scraps can cause problems like worsening allergies or weight gain but there are times they can’t be hurt by a special people snack. Train the family to go throw any snacks in their food bowl so your pet learns that he is fed only at his feeding station. With the exception of training treats that you can hand at training time.
For the best food station set up, invest in an all-in-one feeding unit. This prevents bowls from being slid all over the floor or accidentally stepping on a water bowl creating a  mess-we all have done it! A Neater Feeder should be in every pet home! These feeders not only keep food and water contained and off of the lowest point on the floor, but they catch the drips and water run offs which can be damaging to certain floors over time.
Feeding the new dog
Neater Feeders come in all sizes for cats and dogs. It allows them to eat with their head raised a bit for best digestion and hugely cuts down on the mealtime messes!
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