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Tips for Getting Organized in 2020

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It’s a new decade and year after year you have promised yourself you’d be better at getting organized and year after year it just seems to fall apart fast. Before you blame yourself or label yourself as ‘lazy’ or ‘overwhelmed’, perhaps you are just missing a few tools and tips that can help you easily get organized and stay organized in 2020.

Start with the right tools

This doesn’t mean sticky notes and cell phone calendars! This means pen and paper! We do best and remember best when we build with our hands, so we need physical tools (not just digital ones). Buy a planner, colored pens and a notepad. Then, to keep it fun and motivating find stickers you can use for events, reminders. I got all of my planners, stickers and notes from The Happy Planner because you can get an entire customized system in one purchase.

Take a moment each month to re-organize

Rome was not built in a day. Your family cannot get organized for the year in a single day. Pick an easy, check-in day like the 1st of each month when you get a moment to sit quietly – like watching TV at night – and pull out your planner kit. This is where you update, add new events, get the sports schedules in for the new season.

Taking a day each month (or week for the very busy family) also helps the budget. Look ahead to events, birthdays as a reminder of gifts/game snacks/registrations you need to spend money on soon. This is where planner stickers can help you to flag budget items.

Learn to say “No”

This is so-o-o-o hard for me! I hate saying ‘no”! When asked to help at an event, host a meal, organize a team party I most always reply with “no problem”. In 2019 I began to start being OK with saying “no” by just not speaking up. If I walk away from such conversations, not be the first to reply to texts, emails I can usually avoid committing to too much.

Having my schedule and activities written in a planner allows me to have something in my hand, which also shows others you really do have a lot going on. This makes your “no” very much accepted and admired. Try to drop one unnecessary task each month you might other wise take on and relieve yourself so you can truly stay on top of life.

More about The Happy Planner: The Happy Planner is introducing the exclusive Be Happy Box with The Social Type featuring a Classic Planner, nail stickers from Olive & June, stickers and many more goodies to shine bright in 2020. Also available on Amazon.

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