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Tips, Calculators and Kids Games for Foodies of All Ages at Culinary Schools

Tips, Calculators and Kids Games for Foodies of All Ages at Culinary Schools

Have you been interested in learning culinary skills? Maybe you want to get real Culinary training and don’t know where to start. is an all-inclusive website that reviews all aspects of cooking schools, offers tips for success and finding a path to a food career and also includes some at-home use food and body calculators. Have kids interested in cooking? Check out the food games for kids! Let’s explore what you will find at Culinary Schools.

“I want to become a Chef!” Do you know how broad of a statement that is? What kind of Chef? There are at least 5 Chef titles from Sous Chef, Executive Chef, Senior Chef, Pastry Chef and so on. Maybe you want to start as kitchen staff to learn it all! What area interests you? There are 10 main serving areas within food establishments. Large restaurants may keep these as 10 separate functions while smaller restaurants may combine these into multiple functions for one employee.

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

What do you like doing in the kitchen? Like the idea of being a saucier, rotisseur or perhaps the boucher? Saying I want to be a ‘Chef’ is broad! You can learn about Chef titles, majors and management degrees options and how to find the best schools from the United States to International schools at

Maybe you don’t have a desire to be a Chef by career, but want a go-to for at home cooking. Here you can find helpful calculators from weight loss, body fat and workout calculators that are easy to use. You can also learn about famous Chef’s to help inspire you in your own kitchen. Also find measurement conversions and even a tipping calculator.

For the young foodies, there are fun games. Heck! These food games for kids are fun to play at any age. I may have found myself playing a few of them. In Stack Your Burger, I built mine with 4 seconds left on the clock! Try to beat that?

Visit to begin your journey to food and fun!

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What a fun way to learn! I wish I had younger kids.


Great information. Thanks for sharing.

Mya Murphy

I probably could use this myself. I don’t cook many meals because of epilepsy, but if someone watches me.. Gosh, I would love to get back into it.

Alicia Hewitt

This is a really fun way to learn hot to cook meals. I’ll have to buy this for my little foodie niece who loves cooking.


These are great ideas, I might have to try some of these with my 2 year old nephew.

Laurie Nykaza

Love to learn more to help me out in the kitchen especially were cooking so much now and not eating out side the home because of the virus. I had not seen it before would help get the kids involved too.