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Tiny Paws Pet Hotel, new from PLAYMOBIL

Tiny Paws Pet Hotel, new from PLAYMOBIL

Playmobil had pet-lovers in mind with their newest play set. This is the Paws Pet Hotel and it is over 100 pieces that make up a reception area, kitchen, flexible outdoor fence and lots of accessories.

More features

  • The interior and exterior area are connected by a swinging pet door.
  • Inside the building there is an entrance area with shelves for animal accessories and a storage area for food above the main door.
  • The reception is directly adjacent to the kitchen where you can prepare food and wash your laundry.
  • Outside, a seesaw and two dog huts offer play and retreat possibilities for the different dogs.
  • The label sheet contains twelve larger and four smaller paws, which can be used to decorate the walls of the building and the floor of the entrance area as desired.

I just love all the cute accessories from bags of dog food and little food and water bowls. They have it all for the pets tp stay, eat and play! Visit Playmobil to find all available sets! Available on Amazon as well.

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