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Tinke is the easiest and newest way to monitor your vitals #Giveaway

This is promotional post for Tinke. Opinions are my own

Welcome to the Tinke Monitor Review & Giveaway
Sponsor: Zensorium
There are so many wearable trackers on the market to make it easy to log fitness and miles walked and the problem I have with these is that I forget to wear them when I am most active. It is not only important to measure your activity, but you also need ways to manage and track your overall health. Whether you are on medications that can effect your Oxygen levels or heart rate or have diseases that make monitoring your vitals essential, it is hard to carry around and go through the troubles of large machines you have to keep around your home. Caring for yourself and staying healthy goes far beyond that gym membership. With the Tinke by Zensorium, all you need is your cell phone or device that is iOS or Android compatible. 
The Tinke is the only device that measures your heart rate, blood oxygen and respiratory rate so you can keep those vitals recorded and know your fitness and health measurements. It is easy to use. You just download the app on iOS or Android, plug the Tinke into your USB port and follow the instructions. Once you set up your initial profile, you can measure your rates by placing your thumb on the tink and keeping it there for the countdown on the screen. Save the vitals so you have them for your records right on your phone or device. This makes your Doctor very happy when you have graphs and a history like that for them!
Your Tinke comes in blue, grey or pink and costs less than most blood pressure units. This is very small and you can carry it with you wherever you travel.
The Giveaway
1 lucky reader will win a Tinke tracker for iOS or Android (Winners Choice). Enter below! Ends 6/30. Open to US.
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