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Timmy Teacup Transform children’s book about elf esteem

I was provided a copy for promotion

New Release Children’s Book
It is always important to remember that young or old, you need to be comfortable with who you are and it is always best to just be yourself. Many children feel unhappy about themselves whether with their looks, lifestyle, weight or other reasons. Harboring these feelings is damaging to them so as parents and educators it is important to discuss this topic of self esteem and guide them to positive thoughts about themselves. 
Timmy the Teacup lives on a shelf with his parents and grandparents. He gets used at tea parties with old ladies. He is not a shiny or even real decorative teacup-he is white with green dots. He has had a wish that he be a hot chocolate mug. Hot chocolate mugs are big and strong and get used in fun ways by children and families. His wish comes true and he is transformed into a mug. No matter his appearance on the outside, this book clearly allows the child to understand that it does not change who we really are on  the inside. After the transformation, Timmy never feels quite right and learns that he is happier being himself. 
This book is a great gift for all families. Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Archway Publishing
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