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Three Reasons why You Want Parallels Windows for your Mac

I was given demo for feature and have been using the program

I am an Apple user but I have not always been. Making the switch to an Apple computer years ago meant having to do away with some programs and features I loved using. However, because the other devices in my home slowly became Apple brand it made sense to buy a Mac so I can stay connected easier with those devices we all use. For Father’s Day this year I wanted to feature the Parallels products for the computer loving dad and especially if he will switch computer brands anytime soon.
I have downloaded Parallels Pro and had a chance to play around with it a bit and came up with 3 reasons why you would want the program. There are 3 Parallels programs:


  1. Parallels Desktop for Mac
  2. Parallels Desktop Pro Edition
  3. Paralles Desktop Business Edition
You can see the differences and compare each program at
3 Reasons why parallels is great for your Mac
Speed: There is no need to reboot when switching from your Windows PC to a Mac PC or Laptop. At set up you simply migrate your Windows program onto your Mac. The speed for opening windows and Excel are faster and you can do everything on your Mac from any windows program including printing from Windows with OS X printer options. Just connect your printer once to your Mac and use it in both systems.
Keep Purchased Downloads/Files: Perhaps the one reason you would hesitate using a new operating system is that you fear to lose all of the programs you bought and are familiar with through Microsoft. When you drag over Windows to your Mac with the Parallels, you bring your files and programs with you. Perhaps you have tax software or programs or even photo editing shops you use. If you were using them on your Windows PC you can use them now on your Mac.
Switching Operating Systems is a 1 step process: Swipe on your screen or mouse to switch systems. If you need to transfer files, you can pull both programs up side by side. I have mine as an icon above my task bar. When I need into Windows I simply click there. It is one click to open the Windows program you use and only a second click to get you to the Microsoft store or downloads.
I think the highest benefit to having Parallels overall is you keep those programs you are used to and have them on your Mac-photo and video studios and more. Perhaps an even greater benefit are for business owners who need to give quick access of Windows to their employees for easier file sharing. Even college students who may end up on an iOS campus can get to files and teacher conversations no matter what system each uses.
Parallels is great for home use and perhaps best for business owners, online business and students. Learn more at
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