Three Parental Chores I Wish I Could Hire Someone To Do

As we were driving back home after a 12 hour drive round trip for our teen to attend a College tour I dreaded that once again we will pull into our driveway very late at night! This happens often. My husband travels all over the state for work and on breaks and summer we will tag along. I stare at the mess in the car from driving these 12 hours total in 2 days. No matter how organized I try to be, the car is trashed in no time. I thought to myself “I wish I could hire someone to empty my car, clean it and unpack after my trips”. Then I thought of the other jobs I would love to hire for if I could!

Travel Maid
Job description: Bring in all our luggage, unpack it and start the laundry. Clean all wrappers, drink containers, drink spills, shoe marks left on back of my seats and sticky hand prints from my car interior. Wash the outside of the car including all the not so fortunate bugs who ended their life on my hood and windshield.

Bath Time Attendant
Job description: Start bath. Wash hair. Answer all the “Mommy I need you” calls from the tub. Gather all dirty clothes they took off and that trail typically starts down the hall and ends in the bathroom. Find their PJ bottoms that are never with the top before they get out or deal with the cries from chattering teeth. Wipe the bathroom floor dry-you may attempt to lay towels down ahead of time but trust me, it’s no use!

Meal Planner
Job description: Plan all meals! This requires you to remember that ‘T’ never buys lunch and always takes a PB sandwich on wheat bread, but not the wheat bread with seeds-he wont eat it. ‘A’ wants lunch made all days but Tuesday because that’s pizza day and he wants PB & J and 3 snacks. Not 2 or you’ll hear about it after school-he wants 3?!! Dinner should be light as they never finish what you’ll slave over anyway and ‘T’ hates cold tomatoes and ‘A’ hates hot ones…wait, I think it’s the other way around!

Tell me-what would you love to hire someone for in your home if you could?

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