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Three Easy Steps To A Healthier Lifestyle

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Think you can’t afford to eat healthy? Think again! There are easy and affordable ways you can change your eating habits starting today!
Change the way you shop!
The first rule in shopping healthy is to make a grocery list, and don’t deviate from it. If you go into a store with a list of just what you need, you will be less tempted to sporadically buy food that you don’t need. And of course, don’t forget your coupons! Check your local Sunday newspaper for coupons that can save you a bundle at the grocery store. There are also some pretty attractive Overstock.compromos that will let you get e.g. beautiful tableware that will allow you to enjoy your meals in a great atmosphere, making a simple meal into a feast for your eyes and soul.
Did your mom tell you not to go shopping while you’re hungry? She was right! If you’re hungry and looking at food, of course you’re going to want to eat everything in sight! While shopping on an empty stomach, you’re more likely to buy what you want to eat, and not necessarily what you should eat.
Only shop in the outer ring of the grocery store. Fresh food is kept along the walls of grocery store, while packaged and artificial foods are kept in the middle aisles. Sticking to just the edges of the store will ensure that what you’re buying is fresh and natural. If you don’t see what’s in the other aisles, you won’t be tempted to buy it!
Eat this, and not that!
Canned vegetable tend to have very high sodium levels, so instead, but fresh or frozen. With frozen veggies you get the convenience of shelf-life, without the salt. Another benefit of frozen veggies is the coupons! You can almost always find a coupon that can save you quite a bit on frozen vegetables.
Choose whole grains over white flour. Whole grains contain vitamins and antioxidants that white flour does not.
Eat as much “natural” food as possible. A good rule of thumb is that if it doesn’t grow naturally, don’t eat it. Or, if you can’t pronounce the ingredients, don’t eat it! High fructose corn syrup, for example, does not grow in nature, and has been linked to obesity and even brain damage.
Stay away from sweetened drinks! It may be tempting to head for the diet sodas, but don’t! Don’t let zero calories fool you; there is nothing healthy about diet sodas. In fact, stay away from all sweetened drinks. Instead, try sweetening water with fruit. Or, try some 100% juice, but be sure to dilute it with water.
Cook your own meals as often as possible.
Eating out is always difficult when keeping a healthy diet. Of course, stay away from ALL fast food, but be careful in restaurants as well. Remember, you don’t know how, or with what ingredients your food is being prepared. Cooking for yourself ensures that you know exactly what you’re eating. Cooking every meal may not be convenient, so try preparing meals ahead of time. You can prepare meals for an entire week and store them in your fridge, this way time isn’t an issue.

Ditching your unhealthy eating habits is not as hard as you might think. Taking these simple steps will make a huge in your general health and well-being.
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