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Three benefits of play from the Skylanders Superchargers game

This is a promotional post. I was sent product for honest review

I am back with another story about how much we love the Skylanders game in our home. On September 20, the new Skylanders Superchargers hit stores here in the US. My son and his friends had been on the countdown for months prior to this newest version since the Trap Team release. If you have wandered into any electronics department or have heard your kids mention Skylanders and have no idea what it all means, I have explained it a bit in some of my Skylanders Trap Team posts.
The Skylanders Superchargers takes the Skylander crew on many new adventures. The great thing is that if your child already has the Skylanders Trap Team portal, you can use that and just buy the game. The Supercharger characters will work on that previous portal. However, we have both and the Supercharger portal that comes in the starter packs has a bit bigger surface that fits a vehicle with characters easier and my son loves the better color changing patterns.

Benefits of play with Skylanders Superchargers
  1. Play with friends and family: With Skylanders Superchargers you can now play with friends and because my son is 7 and I am not into having him play randomly online with just anyone, I can create a play mode with his cousins and school friends and he can ONLY play with them. He can sit with his headphones and mic and check to see if they are playing and join and chat. This works great if we can’t get play dates together and to allow him to socialize with his cousins who live over 80 miles away on their favorite game.
  2. Race friends: When he has friends over (and after you pass Chapter 4) you can activate race mode. The screen will split and they can race. It is a lot of fun and the boys can sit for hours just racing and playing as they try to gain modes and power ups
  3. The character list is short: unlike the other versions that can have close to 50 differentTrap Masters, Trio packs and Traps, the Skylanders Superchargers just have a few land, sea and sky vehicles and characters to go with them. Using the same traps from Trap Team, they just need a vehicle and character that comes in the starter pack and they can play the game with just those. However, collecting the other vehicles and characters unlocks more fun and zones.
My son was able to turn on the game and head to practice mode. Once there for a bit he was off and playing. It amazes me how he already understands where to go and what to do. It takes skill navigating a vehicle in water and operating one in the sky as well. It takes coordination and fine motor skills to get those turns precise. 
Skylanders Superchargers will be hot this season. So start collecting the characters and vehicles now! My son had his new starter pack for 2 days and was off with allowance buying another vehicle to unlock more fun. It makes a great way to entice your child to save a few dollars and head to the Skylander section for a new character or vehicle.

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