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These Easter Children’s Books are Perfect Picks for Spring 2020

Books for Easter

We all hope life is back to normal or at least beginning to be by Easter. I have already done a lot of my Easter shopping and decorating and shopped online for items more that I ever have for this Holiday. Our boys get some candy, books or magazines, maybe a t-shirt and small gif card in their baskets at their older age. I have reviewed a few Easter children’s books that I think are great for this spring. I have them listed below.

Easter Books

Thank You, Garden by Liz Garton Scanlon. *Available on Amazon

A community garden unites children and neighbors in this celebration of all the things that grow there, from flowers and fruits to friendships. Ages 3-7

In a Garden by Tim McCanna *Available on Amazon

How does a garden grow? Follow along from seed to sprout to bud to flower as a garden blooms. Ages 4-8

Kids Who Are Saving the Planet by Laurie Calkhoven *Available on Amazon

Find out how kids are helping the environment by selling lemonade to save the honeybees, starting a petition to bring attention to climate change, raising awareness through an original comic book hero, and more! Ages 6-8

Every Day is Earth Day by Jordan Brown *Available on Amazon

When Jet learns that humans celebrate Earth Day, he can’t help but wonder, why can’t every day be Earth Day? Ages 5-7

I Don’t Like Rain by Sarah Dillard *Available on Amazon

It doesn’t take long for Rabbit to realize that fun can be had in the rain. With raincoats, boots, and umbrellas, let the splashing games begin. Ages 4-8

Snail Finds a Home by Mary Peterson *Available on Amazon

Chuckle your way through this easy-to-read illustrated chapter book about a snail who’s looking for a new place to hang his shell. Ages 6-9

Green on Green by Dianne White *Available on Amazon

With gentle, rhyming text and vivid artwork, this book is a heartfelt celebration of family, nature, seasons, colors, and the wonder and magic of them all. Ages 4-8

Easter Bunny by Salina Yoon *Available on Amazon

With a sturdy pull-tab that wags Bunny’s plush tail, this interactive novelty book is perfect for Easter baskets. All Ages

Easter Makes Me Feel Robin’s Egg Blue by Patty Michaels *Available on Amazon

Kids are sure to laugh out loud at this fun shaped board book celebrating Easter. From vivid violet Easter eggs to yellow baby chicks. Ages 2-5

Hundred Feet Tall by Benjamin Scheuer *Available on Amazon

A tender ode to the power of unconditional, immutable love. Because no matter how small you are now, with patience and persistence, with encouragement and devotion, you, too, will someday grow strong. Ages 4-8

No Rest for the Easter Beagle (Peanuts) by Charles Schulz *Available on Amazon

When Lucy recommends that the Easter Beagle take a break, it’s up to the Peanuts Gang to color and hide all the eggs. Everyone wants to help, but are they up to the task? Ages 5-7

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