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The Young Designers Collective Review

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I was recently sent a Hare Pin and asked to sponsor a post from The Young Designers Collective. The Hare Pin I was sent was handmade and exclusive. It is a hand wrapped gold wire design for the hair. Lightweight and easy to pin. The 2 prongs help keep it in place. This is a small example to the quality in the handmade items the Young Designers Collective Association offers. They are based in New york City and consist of young designers who will be paired with non-profit organizations to offer a product that will bring revenue for the organization and promote the designers name while they work together to benefit each other. It is teamwork at its best where both parties involved benefit from the relationship. It fits their motto of “doing well while doing good”

This Month’s featured Artist: Harmony Pilobello
Harmony is debuting the “Untamed” bridal & evening accessories collection. She has a background in zero waste design and hand weaving that supports the fair labor practices. She strives to protect the environment through her skills. The “Untamed” collection represent the wild and horses that run free and the donations from this collection will support the Defenders of the Wildlife. Founded in 1947, this non-profit group aims to protect native animals and plants in their natural communities. Her collection offers some beautiful pieces.
The ‘Equine Crown‘ is hand-braided with humanely sourced horse hair, resin pearls, glass beads, gold plated wire and a rhinestone chain. 10% of the purchased price will be donated to the Defenders of the Wildlife. 
The ‘Tressed Laurel‘ is also hand-braided with humanly sourced horse hair and the same accents as the Equine Crown but with a Satin Bow in the back. Again-10% of the proceeds are donated.
The ‘Woodland Hare‘ is created from hand twisted gold plated wire, glass beads and multifaceted crystals. 10% of this purchase also is donated
Harmony’s pieces can be found in the Young Designers Collective Shop. To see the artists and their pieces, visit the site and know that your purchases will support a cause!
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own

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  1. I love that there is a major/course of study for zero waste design. Her pieces are lovely and support charity. Those are definitely good reasons to support her.

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