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The Water Dragon children’s book #Review

This is a promotional post for Tuttle Publishing. I was provided this book and all opinions are 100% my own.

The Water Dragon
by: Li Jian

The last few children book reviews I have done have centered around foreign folktales and culture. My son is 6 and culture and history is not yet discussed in first grade. It is in books we read together that I can teach him a bit of culture apart from our own. The Water Dragon is a Chinese legend and the story is fantastic with a surprise ending.
The Water Dragon is a tale of a boy on a quest. Long ago, in a remote village in China, there lived a kind and generous little boy. He spent his days in the forest, collecting wood to trade for food. One day, the boy made a wondrous discovery: a magic stone that caused his money jar and rice crocks to overflow, both of which he shared with the poor villagers.

But strange things began to happen. It no longer rained. The crops died. The rivers dried up. A terrible drought had struck and would not release its grip. The brave young boy, full of dreams of a white, water-spewing Dragon, took his magic stone on a journey—and discovered how to save his village.

He was searching for this water Dragon and what he finds will surprise you. My son’s reaction was “Wait! What?” That’s your review response from him 🙂 I’ll leave it to you to read this story and discover the ending on your own.

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