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The Vitamin Shoppe has the pet products you need

This is a promotional post. Opinions are my own

When you see or hear of supplement and vitamin stores, what comes to your mind? Perhaps you think of multi-vitamins, protein supplements, probiotics and immune support. But, does your pet come to mind? Your pet may not come to mind because many of these shops just don’t have the products to accommodate your pet. There is one shop that believes that every body matters and the Vitamin Shoppe has all of your pet health needs.

At the Vitamin Shoppe you will find chews, dental products, ear care, supplements and more for your pet. Our son just got a new puppy and Cam needs care too. He loves to hike and swim and making sure his ears are dried properly after a swim is the best way to prevent ear infections. At about 11 months, he needs chews for those young teeth.
We chose 3 basic products to start for Cam. The Breath-Less Chewable Brushless-Tooth Paste chews are a great way to keep plague down and his breath better than it tends to be by the end of the day. You can choose the size that fits your dog best. 
We also chose the Nutri Vet Pet-Ease Soft Chews because not only do they work great in the puppy training stage for a small treat, but it also calms him. The treats contain chamomile and tryptophan to help him while anxious when left alone or on trips.

The other necessity for any dog owner is an ear Relief dry solution. Whether your dog gets wet swimming or bathing, water left in the ears can cause infections. The Vets Best Ear Relief Dry solution is gentle and will get used often!
Now is a great time to stock your pet’s health supplies back up and you will love the prices at the Vitamin Shoppe where you can browse all you need from home online to be shipped. Orders of $25 or more ship free. 
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