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The Teensy Weensy Virus Book and Song about the Coronavirus

The Teensy Weensy Virus Book and Song about the Coronavirus

The memory of COVID times will forever be engraved in our memories. As we age and our children age, we will share about the times we had to stay apart and wear masks and save lives. Even in future generations, they will learn about this year we endured in history books. Things are getting back to normal now and the book, A Teensy Weensy Virus by Sherri L. Rose, will become timeless. Keep it and eventually pack it in the keepsakes to be found and read for years.

Cuteness alert! Based off the song, Insy Winsy Spider, the rhyme behind this book and song about the Coronavirus is below….

This book provides a great way for parents and caregivers to introduce and reinforce the importance of safety measures to children, while giving kids the opportunity to ask questions and share their feelings. The book also offers additional resources for adults and an informative song to help lighten the mood as families engage with this serious topic.

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Sherri L. Rose is a retired pediatric and family nurse practitioner, as well as a hospice and palliative care nurse. She wrote this book because she recognizes the critical importance of helping children understand what is happening during the pandemic that is currently sweeping the globe. This book is labeled for ages 2-10! Buy the book on Amazon.

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