The smartest scale you’ll ever own from Ozeri calculates BMI

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Follow my blog with BloglovinI was provided the product for review from Modernahousewares for Ozeri. No other compensation was given. All opinions are 100% my own. I was not paid to give positive comments.

Once again I bring you a review of an Ozeri product and this one is consistent of just how each Ozeri product gets better and better! I use the Ozeri Rev scale and love it. When I was sent this one, I realized I am not sure what to do now. Use 2 scales? I love them both! There is so much much more to your body’s composition besides a weigh and height. There is an average of those 2 which gives you your BMI. Your BMI, or Body Mass Index, tells you your weight is or isn’t normal for your height! Anyone can say they are proud to weigh only 140 pounds, but if you are only 5′ tall, 140 pounds is overweight! You need the whole set of numbers to calculate your correct weight limit.

What I love best is that it keeps track of your last weight and uses color to tell you if you are up or down on your weight! The LED is bright and each color is significant to how you are doing in your weight loss goals.

Ozeri Weightmaster II features
  • BMI calculation
  • Weight Differential Detection at previous and last 3/7 and 30 weights
  • Color Alert Technology: Red means weight gain and Green means weight loss
  • Auto-Recognition for up to 8 users
  • Results are immediate and flawless-no TARE needed
  • Slip-resisntant & tempered glass
  • Treated with Microban for antimicrobial protection
  • Capacity is up to 440 lbs. or 200 kil.
  • Full warranty
You can find the Ozeri scale on Amazon and it makes a great gift for the hard to shop for, healthy conscious person in your life. Not only is it an Amazon PRIME product, it is fully warranted so no risk and you will love this scale!

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tara pittman

The truth is in the color. Maybe seeing red will help me to eat better.


I would love to have a scale like this!

Erinn Sluka

That was exactly my thought 🙂