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The Root Beer Float Challenge – Active Family Game

The Root Beer Float Challenge - Active Family Game

New and gaining popularity at Target and Walmart stores is this exciting and active game from Playtacular where you get to build a root beer float! Not a real one! But, perhaps sipping on a real Root Beer Float while playing The Root Beer Float Challenge would bring this game up another level with the family.

Here is how to play…

root beer float

You get this fun XL root beer can with lid, 2 pretend cherries, 2 straws, challenge cards and a white ‘ice cream ball’. There are 3 challenge types you can do to earn the 4 ingredients to build a root beer float.

The 3 challenge types are: Co-op, Solo and Head to Head challenges. Complete the challenge and earn an ingredient card. The first player to collect all ingredient cards to built a root beer float wins.

I love this game because it is a lot more active than traditional family board games for the family. You will be up catching balls, juggling and more to complete the challenge on the card you choose.

The Root Beer Float Challenge makes a great gift because everyone enjoys a family game night, this game is active and the can is so appealing to gift!

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