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The Retainer Buddy Keeps Your Dental Gear Safe

Dental Gear and a tween goes like this – take it out throw it in a case, close it, take it out, wear it again. Somewhere in those steps we only hope they actually cleaned it and if they did, was it a good clean? Did they close it back up airtight still wet? I can only imagine the bacteria party happening inside the case! The moment he proudly handed me his case he got to pick out when the aligner came in at The Orthodontist office I have to admit I cringed at the thought of what this new case will soon hold.

Then I was introduced to the Retainer Buddy. Why did I not google solutions before? I just let him stash his wet, not-so-well-clean aligner in a case and throw it on his nightstand until bedtime again. Anthony only wears his at night while we are in between ortho stages. He is 11 and responsible for cleaning and keeping it safe.

With the Retainer Buddy he can keep it safely up on the bathroom counter and away from the dogs. His first case he had did not survive the puppy and thankfully the aligner was not harmed. It also gets to air dry rather than being washed and put back wet and closed up. I’ll say it again, does the thought of dental gear in a case make you cringe?

About Retainer Buddy: For Tiffany Dekel, the mother of two teenage boys, the retainers went anywhere and everywhere when her sons weren’t wearing them. The cool idea for a kids retainer holder to solve a gross problem sparked Dekel to create the Retainer Buddy. This statuesque figure is designed not to tip over and holds all types of dental mouth needs including retainers, clear liners, mouth guards, dentures and more.

For more on Retainer Buddy visit – Also available at

Comment: I was sent product for this authentic feature. All opinions are my own

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