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The Portable Highchair for Ciao! Baby

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How many times have you had to settle for a restaurant highchair that you know is not cleaned to your standards and not to mention tend to be wood and porous as the coating starts to shed on the chair inviting bacteria. The thought of it makes you cringe, doesn’t it? Then there are the times you are camping or at the park and you need just a few minutes or longer to have baby or toddler confined and not running off so you can get a meal prepared or socialize for a bit. ciao! baby Portable Highchair was made for just these reasons. And for those sunny days, you can elect to get the umbrella for protection as well.

It works similar to your camping chairs. It folds into its own bag and unfolds like a chair. The middle chair is designed with two feet holes so no strap is needed. You just need to put a foot through each hole and they sit down in the chair and the design makes it a bit tough to climb back out. The stable surface is wipeable with any cleaner or sanitizer you desire. The umbrella is an add-on and I highly recommend it! It will clip on in a few twists to tighten at the back of the chair on either side. It stays on as secure as you can tighten it.
I have the black, but it comes in many colors, designs and even sports teams! For all of you who’s spouses insists on letting child roam while you want them confined-the sports themed chairs may just entice them to use it for baby to show a little team pride-it’s worth a shot!
This is baby must-have! So durable and very well made! Learn more:
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