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The Night Christmas Actually Happened #ChosenByKids

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This is a sponsored post for Walmart Hit Holiday Toys on behalf of Sverve. All opinions are 100% my own

I start this 2 part feature with a true story about the night Christmas actually happened one year as I was growing up. There is a lot of fun stuff in this Hit Holiday Toys campaign and I will leave details below followed by the review of a fun Hit Toy next month. For now, here is my story….
When I was in first grade, my father was in a horrible work-related accident. In his delivering supplies to a hospital, he tripped and tumbled down a large flight or stairs. The injuries to his back and neck had him out of work for a long time. The sole bread-winner of our house was hospitalized. My Mom took a paper route to help supplement so she could work while we all slept and be home for  us during the day. It was a tough few years. 
I cannot remember the exact year, but I do remember VCR’s were popular and so were Cabbage Patch Kids. We left on Christmas Eve for regular festivities and arrived home later in the evening. We had no clue the financial struggles in our home and were just so excited that Santa is due in that night and we wanted to hurry to bed. We had dreams of Cabbage Patch Kids and He-Man toys galore! As we approach the doorstep, we find a large black trash bag. My Mom peeks inside and you won’t believe what was in there! Who left this? It was obvious to me my parents were just as puzzled. I get my chance to peek-my brothers were younger and don’t remember if they even were a part of all this. Perhaps they have trampled inside to bed. I only remember myself and my parents there. I get my head close to peek and there are Cabbage Patch Kids, He-Man toys and even a VCR with movies. VCR’s were a lot of money when they first came out and there one was in that bag! To this day I do not know who left that bag, but as I got older and was reminded of this Holiday, I have since been told that this came at a year Christmas was not going to happen the way it had in previous years and my parents just never had the heart to warn us. We have family and friends in town, we belong a a large church-someone gave us all a Christmas that year! I got my Cabbage Patch Show Pony in that bag I had been wanting and cherished it for a very long time!
Give the children in your life the joy of finding the toys they love under the tree this year. Perhaps you make a little extra room in your budget and remember giving trees and donation drives this season to give back. I have always adopted children from giving trees every year since I had my very first job as a teenager. Even in tough times, I always picked up extra to give. 
By attending the numerous Toy Events at Walmart over the next several weeks, you can learn more about this years Hit Toys. I will be at the LEGO Junior Event in Wa. State in November and plan to purchase the LEGO Juniors Batman: Defend the Batcave toy at this event to bring home and share it with all of you. I will also purchase a second one that will be given away to a child this Holiday season who is in need. Together, my son and I will search for children in need who may be the perfect age to receive this set from Walmart. It is easy to give with such low prices on these hit toys like LEGO Juniors, Hasbro My Little Pony, Dancing Olaf, Mattel Matchbox Wrecky and more!
Find an in-store event at your local Walmart:  
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