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The New Ninja Coffee Bar for the holidays

This is a promotional post. I was provided product for my honest review

Holiday Gift Guide Feature
Attention Coffee Lovers, the Ninja Coffee Bar is here and ready to serve you the cup of coffee you have always wanted from your own kitchen! I am a huge Ninja product fan and am honored to feature their products on my Blog. This new product from Ninja will not disappoint the coffee lover on your gift list!

The Ninja Coffee Bar lets you dial your richness level at any size. There are many types of drinks you can get from your Coffee Bar
  • Classic & Rich Brews: Whether you like a classic mug or carafe of coffee or you like to turn it to rich to pair with added milk and flavoring you can get the coffee taste you prefer
  • Over Ice Brew: The richness is turned up even further to compensate for melting ice so you still get enough coffee flavor
  • Specialty Brew: this is the highest concentrated coffee level so you can create custom hot or cold coffee beverages

The Science

Auto IQ One-Touch Intelligence allows you to choose a size and choose a brew level with a touch of a button. It then draws the right amount of water form the reservoir depending on the brew size and type you select.
Thermal Flavor Extraction™ is Ninja’s patent-pending technology combines Precision Water Delivery with calibrated temperature, pre-infusion, coffee saturation and flavor richness to give your coffee its full potential.

I am in love with this machine. I needed a new coffee brewer so I can retire our old one to the RV. My husband and I love rich coffee flavors and I will even use the Specialty Brew twice to get an equivalent of a double-shot beverage from a coffee shop and at a fraction of the cost and a better taste, in my opinion. Because I use the coffee brands and roasts I like it truly gives me a more specialized brew. It is so easy to use and I can easily make a mocha or latte as I leave the house in the morning. I can select delay brewing and just fill with my coffee grounds and have it brew when I need it to. I also use the frother that came with my unit for easy specialty drinks.

If you have a coffee lover on your list, give them a quality brewer that will last them and allow them to create any style beverage they prefer using their favorite coffees.
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