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The new Guitar Hero LIVE

I was sent product for promotion.

It is here and my son has been waiting for this moment-the well-revised Guitar Hero Live! The Artists videos are hot and the guitar is hotter! Finally a game my son can play where I enjoy the background noise unlike some other games he plays with the volume up throughout the house.

There are hundreds of playable tracks and more to come. The graphics are great and the tutorial has been the best help. You are guided by a DJ that makes sure you understand the functions of the guitar before you start playing. He warns you how brutal the fans can be so practice well.

The Stage

The stage is yours and you can play different venues. You are shown up above the crowd looking down as you would a real stage. The crowd will react to your abilities and you have bandmates too. 
GHTV Videos

Have access to play any video you want. You and your guitar are the stars and the video plays in the background. There are many to choose from and more being added. You’ll enjoy premium shows and live concerts. 

The Guitar

This guitar brings quite a challenge but is easy to use. My son has never played an instrument so the he is learning how to hold a guitar and recognize sounds and how to use his fingers to manipulate the sound and tones. I will find him without the console on just practicing holding the guitar and pressing keys with his hand as he has small hands and the reach with his fingers is a stretch but he is practicing and has it down. The fun part-he asked if he can take guitar lessons one day. 
The handle has a 6 button layout and in the video it will use picks or squares to tell you what number and how many at once you hold down with your fingers. It has the fun whammy and strum bars too. For beginners you can use 3 of the 6 buttons with music play and the more advanced you are you add the other 3 buttons throughout more difficult songs to play. The guitar is truly designed for a beginner and an expert. The GHTV button enables you to get into GHTV from anywhere in the game.
Guitar Hero Live is a hit in our home with the boys from 7 to 18 years old. Get yours now!

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