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The importance of quality socks for a runner

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Can you think of annoyances that come with running or working out? When I think of annoying things I usually think of products I have used that I would never recommend to anyone. I have had water bottles that leek, supplements that turn my stomach no matter what, videos that are disorganized and hard to follow and socks that ride down into my shoe as I move. The later to me is the worst! There is nothing more annoying than having to stop a run or a workout to keep pulling your sock out of your shoe. I know there are runners reading this that are nodding to themselves at how true this is.
There is enough to worry about when you work out. You are counting movements, watching time, clearing your mind to tunes, wrapping and caring for sore muscles and the last thing you need is to stop or get off track to undo your shoes or just as bed-to have a sock so thin and worthless your feet rub in your shoes causing uncomfortable friction. GoldToe understands this and it is proven to me in their PowerSox Athletic socks they sent me. I have the no show PowerSox and I said a little “Sweet!” to myself as I put these on and laced up my running shoes. My run? Very comfortable, no slippage and 100% satisfaction. The photos below were right after a run. I did not adjust or fiddle with the socks at all. They are just as secure as when I first put them on before a 2 mile run.

About GoldToe PowerSox Athletic Socks
  • Moisture management yarns in an advanced performance technology
  • Contour fits and arch support
  • Selective cushioning
  • Flat toe seams
  • Ventilation Panels
  • GoldToe & Moretz product offering over 140 years of experience in the sock industry
To learn more about GoldToe Socks and the PowerSox Athletic sock, visit

Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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9 thoughts on “The importance of quality socks for a runner”

  1. I am super picky about my socks for hockey too.. one does not stop during a game and take off the skate and relace it to adjust a sock.. that would take forever! Finding a great sock is golden!

  2. I haven't had trouble with my socks slipping into my shoes, but I've run holes into the toes of several pairs that weren't high-quality/toe reinforced, etc.

  3. Great post and I agree with ya! People don't realize how important a great pair of socks are:) I find a great pair, run in them a while and make sure I love them and then I go buy dozens of pairs just in case they discontinue them:) (I've had that happen in the past:)

  4. Great review. I've been having trouble with my socks slipping down into my shoes. I wasn't sure if it was the socks or my new shoes slipping up and down. I'm definitely in the market for some new socks though, so I'll keep an eye out for these.

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