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The gift of books from Book-Pal

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Nothing Like a Good Book!

The only thing book lovers enjoy more than the first, fresh page of a good book is sharing that story with someone else. If a discount can be added to their love of sharing books, then the deal is that much sweeter. The holiday season may be over but the year holds many opportunities to pass along the gift of a good book.

Share and Share Alike

Presenting your child’s teacher with a classroom set of a favorite title is giving a gift to more than the teacher. The youngsters in the room will enjoy the book and learn that year, but the gift does keep on giving over several years of use as new groups of students enter the classroom each year. When you can purchase a classroom set on discounted, bulk orders at sites, such as Book-Pal then you can afford to share the gift of a cherished story. Another way to share is with a book exchange. Holiday cookie exchanges are a big tradition at Christmas. Maybe you could start a new tradition with a holiday book exchange for one of the plenty of holidays approaching after the New Year. For instance, books purchased in a bulk order don’t cost much more than Valentine cards and would become a memorable way to celebrate the day.

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  1. It's great that there are a lot more places to get text books. Wish they had all these options when I was in school. The book exchange programs are always great.

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