The Evolving Role of School Psychologists

The role of school psychologists has been evolving, and this has made their job much more difficult. The number of students assigned to each school psychologist can now approach a thousand children, since funding for these roles has been cut. Technology alters how psychologists interact with parents and other professionals, while it has a serious, often detrimental impact on children. They’re increasingly depressed and anxious by comparing themselves to strangers on the internet, and they’re vulnerable to cyberbullying. The emphasis on looking good versus doing good leaves them depressed. They pressure to meet ever higher standards set by strangers contributes to anxiety. And they mistake a thousand social media followers with friends, contributing to loneliness and undermining social skills. In this way, school psychologists are facing greater demand for their services. 

This is aside from the growing number of students with autism and other complex psychological disorders and constantly evolving bureaucratic demands. Yet technology hasn’t yet given them tools to improve mental health detection or otherwise ease their burden. 

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