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The Dogs of Newtown that healed so many children

I was sent book sample for feature

by Guy Bacon
(brother of Charlotte Bacon,  a Sandy Hook Tragedy Victim)
A few weeks ago I brought you a feature of the book, Good Dogs, Great Listeners. A story that derived from the love Charlotte had for Dogs before the 2012 Sandy Hook Tragedy took her at age 6. Charlotte lives on in the hearts of dog lovers everywhere and from her passion and memory came a program called Charlotte’s Litter that makes therapy dogs easily accessible in tragedies as well as other needed situations.
The Dogs of Newtown is the most precious tribute to the dogs that healed so many staff and students as well as their families following the tragedy of 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Ct. Meet each dog that stood out the most to Charlotte’s brother, Guy, the most as he personally was able to meet these dogs and benefit from their services as well. 

There were a few dogs who stood out as my son and I read this book together. I would highlight them all if I could, so we chose to highlight one to give you a peak inside the book. We have owned labs so Wallace, the yellow lab, stood out as a good feature. Wallace was born in Scotland and came to the US and never fulfilled his original mission of training to hunt birds. He had other ambitions! Wallace became an excellent therapy dog and loves visiting kindergarten classes so the children can read with him.
Wallace is one of many dogs who help humans in some special ways and their profiles are all in this book. A great family book.

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