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The Cookie Thief-a children’s book to help a child learn honesty & a Giveaway

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This is a review on behalf of Kabukihelps

My son is 5..I need a book about telling the truth! Can any parent relate to this? Of course you can! My son has started little white lies and I truly believe that it is so important to nip them in the bud the moment they happen. There is no lie too small in our home. A lie is a lie and they are made by words and words can hurt people. Now my son is a horrible lier, his eyes roll back and his tongue pushes on his cheek as he tries to hide a grin. When we see this with a story that does not add up, we question him then talk to and even punish him depending on the nature of the lie. 
As we all have our ways of talking to our children and reprimanding them with the lies they begin telling, having back up is always a great parenting tool. Not just with lying, but in many morals we teach using books and videos is a great back up tool. You know, so they know we know what we are talking about! The Cookie Thief is a great book to reinforce the lying and how a lie can come back and hurt you worse than everyone else. Lies make people stop trusting, it changes the way people behave and think and causes consequences that are not good for everyone around.
Why does Thomas not want to hide behind the couch? 

Because he is hiding his lie. Everyone in his family panicked when a Cookie Thief was on the loose. No one knew who stole Granny’s cookies, even Thomas claimed not to know who did it! Everyone started hiding cookies, but this was not good for Thomas. He loved cookies and would always have cookies as he visited Aunts & Uncles, but because there is a Cookie Thief on the loose, everyone hid the cookies and they are not available for Thomas anymore. His lie has now made all of the cookies disappear. Now his sister has convinced him that he needs to help her hide to catch the Cookie Thief. So what is he hiding behind that couch? I’m sure you can guess! 
Like I said above, The Cookie Thief not only tells a story of a boy who told a lie, but explains how just a small lie can cause big problems and in the end-the lier is always caught!
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  1. The Inspired Vacation Journal and Creative Supply Kit would be wonderful to have. I try to put together things for kids to record their thoughts on vacation but they never do it so I think this would be great.

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