The Cheese Knife form Coppin’s Hallmark Shop-Gift Idea

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Hallmark is known for unique gifts and decor and you can find some favorites online at Coppin’s Hallmark Shop. Coppin’s has Hallmark gifts and cards for all occasions. I use the The Cheese Knife. It does better then the cheese knife that came with my knife block so I drawer-ed the original knife and replaced it with The Cheese Knife! What makes this knife unique is that it can be used on cheese, butter, eggs and all foods that typically stick to traditional knives. This knife is a flexible, quality material to prevent food sticking while you cut. It easily slices through cheese and no reside is found on the knife after cutting. It is almost deceiving how sharp it is because you appear to be holding a plastic,rubber knife, but the sharpness is superb. 
The Cheese Knife has been a popular seller through Hallmark gifts and it comes in black and yellow. Every kitchen needs one in my opinion! At under $16, it makes an excellent gift for the hard to shop for or chef in the family! If you are like me, once you try this knife you will be searching for foods to use this knife on! It cuts through butter like a champ! It is dishwasher safe, but I just wipe clean after most uses.
You can find The Cheese Knife and other popular Hallmark gifts and cards at
Disclosure: All opinions are 100& my own in this rv post.

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15 thoughts on “The Cheese Knife form Coppin’s Hallmark Shop-Gift Idea”

  1. Hmm…I have never thought about a knife just for cheese. I don't really cut cheese into slices or chunks that often, mostly grate cheeses…Neat idea for those that do. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. I didn't know Hallmark sold such a wide variety of things! I thought it was just cards. lol. Looks like a good cheese knife.

  3. I don't own a cheese knife and we love to eat cheese. I got a huge 3 lb. block of cheese in the fridge right now! cute knife. i like it. We need some new knives. they don't cut so great!

  4. I need a new cheese knife sooooo bad. I didn't need one until a year ago when my oldest moved home. But he loves to get some good sausage, cheese, and crackers to snack on.

  5. I didn't know I needed a cheese knife until I read this post. Now that I think of it, the cheese sticking to the knife drives me insane while in the kitchen.

  6. I'm thinking I need to bite the bullet and get one of these. When I try to slice cheese say for a sandwich or something I end up with 4 different uneven pieces and the block of cheese looks butchered. This would def come in handy!

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