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The Cell Phone Case by Scooch Review

I was sent sample for feature.

Cell Phone Case
If a busy, working Mom (or Dad) could design their own functional cell phone case, it would look and function just like the cell phone case by Scooch. The case is not only versatile by offering itself as a mount, grip or a kickstand but it is affordable. I had to try it out for myself so I can experience it all for my readers and I have been given compliments everywhere I go. I have spent more than the cost of a Scooch Clipstic Pro for a standard case with no special features.
Front view Scooch
Scooch Back View
The price amazes me so I wondered how durable it would be or if it would arrive looking like a quality case. Even if it were not for the features, the case design has a fantastic quality and the materials are durable and flawless.
Next, I wondered about that clip you see in the video-does that clip stay out or pop back in place easily? I have to admit, I clicked that kickstand open and shut many times in amazement with how is constructed. The kickstand truly ‘clicks’ into place and with one finger! It is such a brilliant design in that feature.
Scooch Clipstic feature cell phone case
Next I wondered about the phone staying upright with the weight and that kickstand so I tried it for long periods of time-horizontally and vertically. That, too was perfection.
Cell Phone Case for Kids
Scooch has 2 designs-the Clipstic Pro and Clipstic Slim for iPhone models and Samsung Galaxy models. I have the larger iPhone 6 Plus and my case is $44.99 as is the price for the larger Samsung Galaxy Note models. The smaller iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models will cost you $39.99. By far, the cell phone cases by Scooch is the best value I have seen on a mobile case.
Clipstic Pro kickstand cell phone case
Visit to learn more.
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