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The Buddy Bench – Children’s Book Review

The Buddy Bench – children’s book (August 2019)

by Patty Brozo

In 2014 a first grader introduced us to his Buddy Bench idea at school and the idea was shared and duplicated in school yards all over within months and continues today. These benches allow inclusion and playground confidence when some kids might feel loneliest.

The Buddy Bench brings to life this concept and explores many ways kids may be left out of play. Then when 1 kid makes the decision to include another it becomes ‘contagious’ and a buddy system can form on the playground that includes everyone.

This book is a great classroom gift to start the year. To get your copy ordered, visit Amazon and add it to your cart! Once you read it with your children as you guide them to be kind friends this year they can gift it to their class.

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Terri S.

I like the YETI Cooler. My family could use it when we go camping.