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The Big Book of Symptoms: A Guide Every Parent Needs To Own #Giveaway

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This is a sponsored post for The Big Book of Symptoms

Do you have a go-to source for your urgent medical questions? If you were to have your child run inside with a swelling spot that perhaps is some sort of bite, would you know what to do or how to find out the possible cause? If your child came holding their chest complaining it hurts them what is your first reaction? Would you think indigestion or panic? The Big Book of Symptoms: A-Z Guide To Your Child’s Health will become your go-to source. In fact, I can’t help but keep this book in mind for any future baby showers I attend because this needs to be a gift every Mom should receive! 
This book is very well organized with charts on every topic. If you find a rash or discolored area on the skin and you head to the Chapter titled Skin Problems or perhaps Itching you will find both a discussion and coping suggestions as well as a chart to locate your concern and find possible causes and the actions you need to take. Below is an image from the book of the section for Skin Problems:

About The Big Book of Symptoms
  • Available August 2014
  • Offered by The American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Edited by 2 esteemed Pediatricians, Steven Shelov, MD FAAP and Shelly Flais, MD, FAAP
  • More that 100 common childhood to adolescent symptoms
  • Includes an illustrated first aid manual
  • Includes a CPR chart
  • Includes age-specific safety & injury prevention tips
Your child’s Pediatrician is always the best source, but sometimes these ailments come at odd hours or when you are away and this guide will be your go-to for quick tips and insight. This is not just a book for emergencies. In this guide, you can learn about your teen’s acne issues or get some insight to your older child’s bedwetting concerns and much more. 
Look out for The Big Book of Symptoms: A-Z Guide To Your Child’s Health available in August 2014 on Amazon, the AAP Bookstore and Barnes & Preorders are available now!
One lucky reader of mine will win their own copy of The Big Book of Symptoms. Enter below. Open to US. Ends 8/5/14

Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was compensated and received the above product. Any opinions are 100% my own

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