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The #BFGMovie Review

On Tuesday my husband and I took our son and his friend to a Seattle media screening of Disney’s The BFG Movie and I cannot recommend the movie enough to anyone with older children. By older I mean perhaps it is a bit over a toddlers head but the boys are 8 and had no problems following along!
The boys quote after the movie?
“That was the best movie ever since The LEGO Movie”-my son’s friend
“That is going to be Disney’s best”- my son


The story is magical and I really don’t want to give any hints away about the story line because you do get to a point in the middle of the movie where you wonder where this turns. Is it going to be bad and about Giants eating children or is it going to turn into a heroic action? None of that happened. There is mention that some Giants intention are to eat children and a bit of a chase scene occurs, but I would not place violence as a description in this film. The giant characters are surely fiction in looks and the story itself is full of magic and non-fiction.
It is just magic and friendship-loyalty and memories. It ends on the happiest note and although there are sad goodbyes, everyones lives are changed for the better.
Go see it!! The BFG is this summer’s greatest children’s film in my opinion.
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