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The Best Gaming Gifts for the Holidays

Best Gaming Gifts

With 3 boys, PC gaming accessories are on all of their wish lists. I have had to learn about PC accessories myself because a hobby or lifestyle gamer wants the top of the line, quality accessories that look good too. One day I had asked the oldest if he had heard of Glorious PC Gaming Race products and he perked up. It is the go-to PC accessories brand with his friends that want quality and aesthetics as one of the best gaming gifts that they can actually afford in the mid-20’s budgets.

Our son uses the Glorious PC GMMK Compact Keyboard. He loves using this for many of his games but more than the compact size, he loves the modular feature of switches and keys. Easily remove keycaps & switches for this keyboard with any combo and brand of a compatible MX switches.

Glorious PC has made the change to go to USB-C and the colors are customizable with many modes. The keyboard has a heavy (durable) feel for its size and the key sounds are smooth. It comes in a package with the keyboard, ESC keycap, 1 switch puller tool, 1 key puller tool and braided USB cable. It comes in 3 sizes, we have and love the compact size.

This is the Model D Glorious mouse (see HERE) and I took this photo in the dark because it looks so pretty (OK, maybe pretty isn’t the right adjective choice for a gaming mouse). This mouse is light and has a great ergonomic feel with its honeycomb design. It is built for speed, comfort and control.

It comes with their Ascend Cord that is ultra-flexible and super lightweight. With this mouse you get premium G-Skates – 100% pure Virgin PTFE, rounded edges that don’t snag on your pad. The control is amazing.

Glorious PC has a few mouse and keyboard models as well as mouse pads, accessory hangers and more. Find the keyboard keys and switches your gamer needs as well – several to choose from.

Make sure you visit Glorious PC Gaming Race if you have a gamer. They truly have the best aesthetics, popular name and quality accessories at great prices! Make sure to also visit the Glorious PC Gaming Race Amazon store.

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