The Best Digital Picture Frame by Nixplay

The best digital picture frame is by Nixplay. Period. I have had two of the Nixplay frames over the years and my original frame from 2016 works great still and I love updating my playlists to change the shuffle. I can do it right from my phone with new photos or straight from social media. I’ll tell you how…

When you unbox your Nixplay Digital Picture Frame, plug it in and use the remote to follow set up. While it is doing any updates, head to your device and create a Nixplay account and eventually you will connect your frame to your account once your frame has found and connected to your Wifi.

From your Nixplay account you may create playlists, add photos and set your display settings. You do not have to have your frame plugged into your device. Just plug into an outlet or USB port anywhere in your home and via Wifi it will shuffle your playlist for all to see. It’s that easy!

Take a great photo? Hop over to your Nixplay account and add it to your active playlist and it will start appearing in your frame.

This is truly the greatest gift for Mother’s Day and even Father’s Day later on.

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